We Have Both Rapid Antigen and PCR Testing Available

Visit our COVID-19 testing center in Van Nuys, CA for quick results

Are you feeling a little under the weather? Do you think you could have been exposed to COVID-19? AE Urgent Care LLC is a local COVID-19 testing center you can rely on for fast results. Our facility in Van Nuys, CA has the equipment for rapid tests and PCR lab tests. We'll make sure your results are reliable.

Call now to get an approximate wait time. For the fastest results, visit our rapid testing center as soon as possible.

Providing quick results without any waiting

We work quickly to keep our lines short. We want to get to each patient as quickly as possible, so you can get the results you came for. Whether you take a PCR or rapid antigen test, we'll make sure to deliver results as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the wait times for specific tests, please speak with a member of our team today.

Our COVID-19 testing center in Van Nuys, CA is always ready to take patients. Walk into our rapid testing center today for a PCR lab test or antigen test.